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We're on hold!

Battersea Podcasts is a cottage business, based at home. But we've just sold the house, and are renovating the new place... thus putting Podcasts on hold for the next year or so. If you're looking to make a podcast, get in touch with Jules at Pineapple Audio Productions.

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Living dangerously...

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Insider anecdotes from the film and TV industry: This month Julia Belle talks to Gary, who made a majestic entrance at the London Olympics - and did some major league jumping for Leonardo Decaprio. Here's a taster...  

Breakthrough - Episode 1 Taster
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A fertile ground for discussion...


Midwife and supportive superstar Simone Lazarus, joins Danielle Fox, a health journalist and nutritionist who is struggling with infertility. An array of guests share their experience and expertise, and no subject, or method(!) is off limits in this heartwarming and enlightening listen.

Mission: Baby - Episode 3 - Trailer
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Social work insider info...


Community Care Inform provides comprehensive resources for social workers and social care professionals. Learn on the Go is a podcast asking trusted experts about the latest theory and practice. For the most reliable connection, this interview takes place on a landline. 

Learn on the Go - Short excerpt
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Helping young people face the world...

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Kal, Ash and Alex work to build the confidence, resilience and prospects of those in their teens and twenties. At a time of immense pressures in school, at work and online, they've got some essential life hacks.

Resilience Project - 1st Ep Trailer
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Fresh new music... 

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Krystal is a one woman music powerhouse. On a mission to bring some balance to the male dominated music industry. She's behind some fine dance tracks, leads empowering workshops, and will be playing in Ibiza this summer.   

Superfoxx - JDX Podcasts Taster
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Plant powered food...

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Four years a vegan, Emma's got home-cooked planet sustaining nosh down to a fine art. Recorded entirely in the Batpods kitchen, it's real food, in real time. Just press pause and play as you prepare and cookalong with this weeks dish.

Citizenkind - Pilot Episode
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Despite concerns highlighted by the Resilience Podcast, follow us on Instagram: @batterseapodcasts

The Instagram feed...

Battersea Podquotes...

"He won't go through glass, because his face is his money" 

Stunt coordinator Gary Connery on Tom Cruise

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