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What's the offering?

At its most basic... just pop in, record a conversation, or chat to yourself - in broadcast quality - leaving with a high quality audio file.

Want to tighten it up? Set my fingers to work - chopping out erms, pauses and any restarts you don't need. 

You could leave it there, but together we can make your podcast sound snappier and more focused, a bit like a radio show, but without the Soho pricetag.

In a pre-show meeting, we'd work on:

Programme structure...

Subject matter development...

Guest versatility - in studio / on phone...

Post-production polish...

Audio branding / theme tunes...

Every new project gets its logo in the lightbox - great for social media video or stills.

And now you can film your podcast, with a three camera DSLR set-up, and live cutting.

Who is Battersea Podcasts? 

I'm David. I'm a voiceover artist, presenter, script writer and audio producer - with a love for design and an under-utilised studio. So I thought I'd put all this together to add some zest to your podcast.


Rate card...

For full details, download the rate card:

The  kit, and sound...

Granted, there is authenticity in the imperfect audio quality of some podcasts - as content is king. But Battersea Podcasts has its roots in broadcast TV and radio, so dodgy sound makes us twitchy! We auto-mix the four Audio Technica 4033's (an FM radio standard) around the talks desk, to reduce room ambience. Plus the the silky smooth Neumann U87 sits in the booth, in a standing or sitting position for solo interviews down the line. Mics are pre-amped through Universal Audio, Focusrite and Tascam products. 

We can now record your podcast to video, with two close up Lumix G90's and a GoPro providing the wide shot - all cut live to reduce post-production time.

And when you can't come to us, we can come to you, with additional equipment to take on the road, plus the knowhow to ensure the best acoustic from an on-location recording space.

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