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Most Mission Baby recordings run to between 45 and 60 minutes, but Danie and Simone wanted a pacy podcast that covered as much as possible in half an hour. As hosts and experts, Danie and Simone know what's surplus to requirements. Initially, they provided timecodes of sections that were not needed. But to speed up post-production for all, we gave Danie a little bit audio edit training, so she could silence the unwanted bits, then return the file to Battersea Podcasts for the 'craft edit' - the processing of mic levels, addition of intro and outro, and general tidying up.

From a personal and production perspective, it's been fantastic working with Danie and Simone over the past six months.

Danie's story is one thousands up and down the land will recognise: the struggle to conceive. Her efforts have introduced her to some fabulous people along the way, each with their own take on the world of fertility. We meet them in each episode of Mission: Baby


Danie and Simone opted for an initial production meeting to go through ideas, to discuss how we can make the most of each interview, and to establish working practices to ensure an efficient post-production process.

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Danie and Simone wrote a press release, Battersea Podcasts employed some basic graphic design skills to create a PDF! I know, versatile. And Danie's journo contacts wangled an article in Vogue!

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Mission: Baby  - Audio production elements

Mission Baby - Intro sequence
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The production meeting also discussed the potential for a fairly dramatic podcast opening sequence that would set-up the current dilemma facing millions of couples around the world. This would not only be informative, but also add some professional punch right from the get-go. From episode four onward, the intro was shortened for the benefit of regular listeners! 

The intro also doubled up as the first audio Instagram trailer.

A fresh audio trailer (and Instagram version) has been made for every episode. Constructed using a mixure of specially written script, and a montage of the sharpest quotes and quips from that episode - all sat within a 'donut' - a familiar top and tail that gets all the key information across

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