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  • David Wartnaby

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Acoustics tackled, mics installed, walls painted, fingers splintered, production guides written - and some fabulous dry-runs in the can. After a crazy few months, Battersea Podcasts is ready to roll.

Who 'is' Battersea Podcasts?

I'm David, a voiceover artist, presenter, scriptwriter and audio producer - I have a love for design and until now, under-utilised studio space. So I've put all this together to add some zest to your podcast.

What's the offering?

At its most basic, you can just pop in, record a conversation or interview down the line, and leave with a broadcast quality recording of your efforts.

Want to tighten it up a bit? Set my fingers to work, chopping out the errms, pauses and restarts you don't need.

You could leave it there, but together we can make your podcast sound snappier, more focused and funkier. A bit like a radio show. In a pre-show meeting we could work on: programme structure, subject matter development, guest / contributor interaction, post production polish, audio branding and theme tunes.

In a world of social media, your podcast should look good to... so the studio has a homely scandi vibe, with minimal ugly studio tech cluttering the desk. Every new project gets its logo in the lightbox, to personalise the environment for social media video or stills - plus there's a lighting rig aid video recording.

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